I have …
a big pinchy claw,
two stalky eyes,
eight scuttling legs,
a tough blue shell,
and a fish to catch!
Who Am I?

Find out in Who Am I?, an animal guessing game for young readers.

40 pages
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
October 2017

"Who Am I?" ask seven animals, including a rabbit, crab, monkey, and flamingo. Each statement uses descriptive vocabulary and encourages age-appropriate scientific and mathematical observation: children are encouraged to count, characterize, and identify as they encounter each clue. Turn the page, and eye-catching cut-paper illustrations of the animal in an active pose fill the spread. Detailed information about the actual species portrayed (the "owl" is a great horned owl; the "crab" a ghost crab) is found in the back matter, where field guide–like details about size, food, habitats, and other facts and features are presented in question-and-answer format.
Horn Book
Endlessly inventing new ways to organize Jenkins’ realistic cut-and-torn-paper wildlife illustrations, this prolific couple here offer an identification game for very young audiences. As always, Jenkins’ images stand out on a plain white background for ease of focus. The heavy-duty cardstock pages will stand up to repeated manipulation by small hands whose owners will want to play this game over and over. There is no dearth of animal guessing games on the market, but the thoughtful selections and careful crafting of this new one should make it a good home choice and welcome addition to any collection.
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